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Shimano Ultegra XR 14000 XSD

Shimano Ultegra XR 14000 XSD

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The Shimano Ultegra XR ULTXR14000XSD Spinning Reel is the ultimate companion for hardcore surfcasters seeking unmatched performance and durability. Shimano has gone above and beyond to engineer this reel, making it their most feature-packed surf reel to date. One of the standout features of the Ultegra XR 14000 XSD is the Rigid Cast spool support, designed to stabilize spool deflection during heavy lure casting. This innovative technology not only increases casting distance but also enhances accuracy by improving release timing and reducing line friction on the spool.

When battling hard-charging game fish in challenging conditions, winding power is essential. That's why the Ultegra XR boasts Infinity Drive, which can boost winding power under load by an impressive 30%. Whether you're facing strong currents or breaking surf, this reel is up to the task. Durability is paramount in harsh saltwater environments, and the Ultegra XR 14000 XSD delivers with X-Protect technology, offering high-level water resistance without compromising the lightweight feel and smooth rotor rotation you expect from Shimano.

The inclusion of Cross Carbon Drag provides a wider range of drag settings compared to traditional materials, ensuring extreme durability while maintaining smoothness during intense battles. The Shimano Ultegra XR ULTXR14000XSD Spinning Reel is the result of Shimano's dedication to setting a new standard in surf reels. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, enhanced performance, and rugged durability, it's no exaggeration to say that this reel is the smoothest and most powerful in the Shimano surf reel lineup.


  • Infinity Drive
  • X-Protect
  • RigidCast
  • SilentDrive
  • Cross Carbon Drag


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