• Century Blanks

    Here at Century we pull out all the stops to make sure our products outperform and outlast any other rods on the market.

    Unique to the Century rod blank manufacturing process is our patented Autoclave Technology which anglers have commended over the years for the longevity of the rods to hold their action, power, and recovery. The Autoclave process is part of the blank curing process which applies heat to cure the carbon fiber pre-preg while also applying pressure and a vacuum to remove voids from the carbon wall and produce a more compacted carbon part.

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  • Bushido Blanks

    The American Tackle Bushido rod blanks for Freshwater & Inshore  fishing use a combination of high strain Japanese fiber multi-modulus  materials with advanced resin systems to produce newly refined actions  & lengths of spinning and casting models focused on extreme  durability & performance. There is no fight too big for Bushido blanks. 

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  • Rainshadow Blanks

    Great fishing starts with great gear, and great gear starts with Rainshadow.

    Innovation with quality craftsmanship and durability are the building blocks of every RainShadow blank. As a premier visionary of rod blanks for all applications, we use the most refined design and manufacturing processes and the finest hand-picked materials available today. Any brand is only as good as its team members. Our Jaguar Design team is comprised of some of the finest designers and engineers in the rod building world. Every one of our blanks is meticulously engineered, crafted and tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

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