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Savage Gear Reel Eels

Savage Gear Reel Eels

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One of the most realistic looking lures you'll ever use, the Savage Gear Real Eel Jig has a lifelike look and swimming action that will drive predatory saltwater fish absolutely mad. An adaptation of Savage Gear's extremely popular Pre-Rigged Real Eel, the Real Eel Jig maximizes versatility and ease-of-use with its jig head configuration. The Real Eel Jig comes pre-rigged on a highly detailed jig head that is not only optimally shaped for a perfect swimming action, but also features anatomically accurate eyes, mouth, and gills for the ultimate live eel presentation. The oversized whip-tail creates a seductive swimming pattern whether jigged or brought in on a straight retrieve. Molded from an ultra-tough PVC soft plastic and equipped with a heavy duty jig hook, the Real Eel Jig is ready to go up against hard fighting game fish like grouper, stripers, cobia, and more.


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