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Savage Gear Duratech Crab

Savage Gear Duratech Crab

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Built to excel in scenarios where predatory fish are feeding on crustaceans, the Savage Gear Duratech RTF Crab delivers hyper-realistic details and extreme durability that will put more trophy-caliber fish in your boat. Molded after an actual live crab, the Savage Gear Duratech RTF Crab features a low center of gravity embedded weight system, which provides an optimal sink rate and maintains proper body position when on the bottom to achieve the most natural and realistic presentation. The Duratech soft plastic material also provides ultra-lifelike movements and incredible durability that can hold up to the most aggressive and toothy fish species. Armed with a super sharp 3x high carbon steel hook as well, the Savage Gear Duratech RTF Crab’s hook delivers increased penetration that will go through hard bones and increased holding power for targeting large drag-pulling gamefish. Infused with crab scent to trigger feeding and aggression, the Savage Gear Duratech RTF Crab has every feature needed to ensure gamefish think it’s the real thing. 


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