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The Excalibur boat rods are a one and done rod for trolling, chunking, deep drop, stand up, and pitch baits.

The Excalibur rods have a tip soft enough for rigged ballyhoo with a circle hook, and for noticing the slightest bite in 1000’ of water yet still have the power to lift up a 250# plus tuna. These rods have even done well as land based shark rods. With there light weight package and TTS (Total Torsional Stability) it inables the angler to fight the fish instead of the rod.
The full carbon design makes them light weight and small diameter, along with Graphene gives them the durability to go to 70# of drag at 60 degrees of angle.
The Excalibur rods come with our Total Torsional Stability to prevent blank roll even under the heaviest of drag conditions.
Last but not least the Textreme outer finish gives a high tech carbon look, extra punch on the hook set and an added layer of protection against chips and fractures.

The Excalibur rods come fitted with a Winthrop 2 position Terminator butt, roller tip American Tackle Titian Titanium Turbo Guides and an oversized comfort triangle grip.

These rods have been tested from the cool waters of New England to the tropical waters off of Panama to bring you a truly unique fishing experience.

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