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Joe Moore

Akios Finger Stall

Akios Finger Stall

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AKIOS Fishing Neoprene One Finger Casting Stall

Protects your index finger from damage.  Allowing you to put more power into a cast to achieve greater distance.
This great product from AKIOS has been specifically designed to give fixed spool users the confidence to cast harder and further. The finger stall is made from a comfortable neoprene material with a special ‘friction’ fingertip for improved casting control with both braided and nylon leaders.

A neat feature is the velcro fold-back feature on the finger which allows you to fold the finger out of the way without having to completely remove and refit the stall between casts.

Finger protector for fixed spool caster
Made from a comfortable Hi-quality neoprene material
Special ‘friction’ finger-tip for improved casting control with both braided and nylon leaders
Prevents the line from cutting into your finger
Takes the pain out of casting!
Velcro fold-back feature
One size fits all


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