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The Albie Rocket is an awesome little wooden plug that we developed to better fool those funny fish! Unlike many of the metal jigs fishermen use to target False Albacore and Bonito, the Albie Rocket is extremely versatile and fun to fish. The wood body gives this 1-ounce lure just enough buoyancy to keep the Albie Rocket up in that crucial strike zone near the water’s surface.

You can retrieve the Albie Rocket at full speed like you would a metal/epoxy jig, and the Rocket will skip along the surface of the water. But the Albie Rocket really shines when you slow the retrieve down just a little. With a slightly slower retrieve, the Albie Rocket swims right under the water’s surface but gives the fish a better chance to attack. Slowing the retrieve down even more and twitching the rod like you would a soft plastic will make the Albie Rocket zig and zag and swim erratically just under the surface.

We designed the Albie Rocket specifically to target those speed-demon funny fish, but this lure is also excellent for bluefish, striped bass, as well as jigging for porgy and sea bass. Available in a handful of stock color options, as well as a large variety of custom color combinations.

Albie Rockets are thru-wired and built with the same quality hardware as the rest of our 247 Lures lineup, so you’ll never have to worry about component failure. Even if you hook into a big blue or striper on an Albie Rocket, the stainless steel hardware and VMC hooks won’t let you down!

(Exact weight and colors of lures will vary batch to batch and lure to lure. All of our lures are made in small batches, many of our colors are custom blends we mix ourselves, and even our internal lead weights are cut by hand. We do our best to keep lure shape, weight, and paint as consistent as possible, but 247 Lures is very far from mass-production where every lure is exactly the same.)


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