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Seigler SM Star Mag

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  • ABEC-7 Ceramic spool bearings. 
  • Capacity - over 300 yards 20# mono.
  • Casting weight from 3-16oz’s. 
  • Counter balanced crank arm
  • Weight 16.5 oz
  • ABEC-7 Boca Ceramic orange seal spool bearings
  • MASSIVE 316 stainless steel main gear
  • 6:1 gear ratio. Blazing fast retrieval speed
  • Stacked Smoooth carbon fiber and stainless steel drag washers. 5+1 system
Inspired by long distance casters, the SM is a Surf fisherman's best friend.  

The SM is "the perfect tool for getting the lure or bait out to where the fish are"-Ryan White master class caster.

"The SM was designed from the ground up to be THE performance distance casting reel"-Wes Seigler president and designer of Release Reels.
Features Include:
  • Huge Drag = Fish fighting power!
  • Tournament inspired, fully adjustable mono-magnetic cast control system.
  • Unique Frameless Design 
  • SM is a fully machined aluminum reel featuring all of the elements you would expect in a top shelf product.
  • Innovative design - eliminating the need for cross bars.  Low profile chassis.
  • Free floating spool producing optimum acceleration and minimal resistance.
  • Spool shoulder designed for improved thumb control