Tip Tornado LDSM Blank 13' Line Rating 20 to 50 #

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Century completed the design of the Tip Tornado LD Super Match at super long range – UK to Australia! The design guru is Jeremy Schrader – a highly effective international angler based in Melbourne, Australia. Jeremy is a competitive angler and a regular caster on the World tournament scene and has fished the UK coastline extensively on his regular trips to UK. He is a regular poster of informed articles and reviews and a moderator on a number of fishing forums. Jeremy can access hard fighting fish from his native shoreline and test, refine and prove a rod’s action and design in real practical circumstances. Do not be surprised that some rod designs available on the market – the first time they battle a fish – they are in the hands of an owner who has spent his hard earned cash buying into actually zero fishing development time.

The existing Tip Tornado LD has been a huge success both for Century and anglers alike. The deceptive power in such a low diameter rod has gained a strong following. The look and feel of this rod has been accepted as truly innovative. The Tip Tornado Super Match LD is the logical progression from the Super Match: it delivers good bite sensitivity for anglers that look for tip movement rather than rattle bites when fishing smooth ground. The Super Match LD develops a sweet J curve under initial compression and the composite phased tapers – we call Gearbox Design – allow a progressive and user friendly delivery of stored energy in the cast. The LD Super Match is distinctly different from the Tip Tornado LD model featuring increased power storage capability in the lower section and a finer, more sensitive tip. Do not be deceived by the low diameter – it is a real powerhouse attributable to some fairly complex carbon fibre architecture in the composite construction.

  • Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology
  • Blank colour: 2×2 carbon twill – upper butt – unground UD carbon upper tip
  • Factory Finish: Fuji Titanium K Guides
  • Tied in Red metallic and jet black with gold trim bands
  • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim band – upper butt
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • 3M Reflective tape between top two guides
  • Equal sections – tip and butt
  • Century sliding reel seat with integrated Coaster
  • Century partition rod case