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Finger Mullet Rig
Finger Mullet Rig
   This rig is a float with a wire through it and a
double hook on the end that looks like half of a
treble hook. This hook comes off of the rig and
you feed the wire through the mouth of a finger
mullet and out the back of its body cavity then
reattach the hook and pull the wire so the hook
goes inside the mullet and the two ends of the
hook set up on either side of your mullet. This is
death to all blue fish !!!!

Bait Bug Rig
Bait Bug Rig
   The bait bug is a must when fishing
points tournaments !!! They kill blue
fish !!!! They are used like a fish finder
but they have a float with buck tail
sticking out the back with two hooks
in tandem. Just put a strip of bait on
and let her rip !!!

Carolina Rig
Carolina Rig
   ... is an egg sinker that slides up and down the
line with a swivel or a split shot sinker as a stopper
with live bait hook behind it. A great all around live
and cut bait set up.

Spec Rig
Spec Rig
   This is two jig heads with soft plastic
bodies or two bucktails normally one smaller
than the other. They are tied in tandem with
the larger jig on a shorter lead or in the front
and the smaller one on a longer lead in back
this can be done by a three way swivel or by
teeing a dropper loop in the middle of a
piece of leader material. This has been a
killer for trout, stripers, and flounder since
the beginning of time !!

King Mackerel Jig
King Mackerel Rig
   Wire main line with two or three hooks twisted
on with wire along it, with the front hook being a
live bait hook and the one or two trailing hooks
being treble hooks. the live bait will be hooked it
the mouth the second will be hooked in the mid
back and third will be hooked in the tail. The
middle hook will be left out in a two hook rig,
typically this set up is in use with a anchor
rod. They call this a trolley rig where you take
a large surf stick and throw out an anchor sinker to attach your fighting rod and king rig
to. You use a stand up fighting rod of your choosing to attach the king mackerel rig to, then
using a "cloths pin" (bent piece of rigging wire and a egg sinker) you attach your king rig
to your anchor line and trolley your live bait down to the water and during a strike your
king rig will break free from the anchor line allow you to fight big game fish from a pier
like you would out of the back of a charter boat. This also works well for cobia, sharks,
and tarpon.

Long Distance Pully Rig
Long Distance Pully Rig
   Break away or one more cast make
these rigs specifically for the long cast
to be used with small pieces of cut or
live bait the line from your rod will tie
on to a swivel that runs up and down a
main line like a fish finder and on one
side you will have a hook on the other
side you will have a hold down clip
and sinker clip. You'll take the baited
hook place it in front of the line in the
hold down clip which will fold your
leader in half and clip your bait and hook
down to your sinker. For the longest cast
possible with bait.

Bottom Rig
Bottom Rig ( High / Low Rig )
   There are 100's of different ways to
make a bottom rig's the easiest way is
to buy a factory made king fish, spot,
croaker, pompano, ect... rig made by
various companies. They are a main
line with between two and four hooks
tied on to leaders ment for a piece of
cut bait in each hook.

Fish Finder Rig
Fish Finder Rig
   Sinker slide, built to hold a sinker while sliding up and
down the line without letting the fish feel the weight
when it picks up the bait, and snelled hook on a short
leader, the shorter the leader the better the cast. These
rigs are used for primarily drum, stripers, cobia, and
tarpon in our area with cut or live bait.

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