STEALTH S-1 1325 11′ - 1-4 oz

S-1 1325
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4.00 (in)
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4.00 (in)

S1 – 1325 – 11′ 1 – 4oz

Just a little longer that the ten-footer for those guys that want a few extra inches. Fishers next to the Century Advanced Fishing USA Pro Staff jealously dubbed the S1-11 the “rubber band rod.” But, that little nick name is a very accurate description of how it works so well to the angler’s advantage. When the “rubber band man” started singing, the competition packed up and went home. Fish it in the fall in Jersey for the sand eel bite. This is a very up and coming stick! It is gaining popularity from pompano guys in Florida and striper fishermen up and down the east coast!  This is Advanced Fishing USA Pro Staffer DJ Muller’s (link to bio page) favorite rod!