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STEALTH 1 S-1 1084 9′ - 1-3.5 oz

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S-1 1084
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The 1205 is a great light-action rod for throwing bucktails, small darters, tins, and metal lipped swimmers in the surf or off the jetties. Great for throwing light weight and bait in the surf for whiting and pompano in close, the 1205’s moderate action and light tip makes it great for weakfish, flounder, or any other fish that likes to throw hooks or has a soft mouth.

The Stealth Series is a slower action parabolic rod with a ton of backbone. These rods are best suited for throwing eels, darters, dannys and any other lipped swimming baits that are not aerodynamic. The slower recovering action prevents extra tumble that a faster action rod will produce in the non-aerodynamic plugs. This rod is also good for the guys using light leaders for light bait with circle hooks. The moderate tip lets you throw 3 and 4 ounce sinkers on very light 15# Fluorocarbon leaders without having to worry about the leaders breaking.