Sling Shot SS1265 Blank 10' 6" Line Rating 12 - 20 #

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4.00 (in)
78.00 (in)
4.00 (in)

Sling Shot 1265 – 10′ 6″ 1 – 3oz

One of our best overall rods, the SS1265 can throw one to three ounce sinkers plus bait with the Century performance you can count on. This rod is awesome for just about anything you want to do with it, but it’s got a great reputation as being one of the better rods in the sling shot series for throwing metal small poppers and darters. Century Advanced Pro Staffers use this rod to sail buck tails or soft plastics a mile. It’s also popular with pencils, while still having enough backbone to land a big fish. This is a great all-around rod for anything up to 3oz. light bait for pompano and whiting, to spoons for Spanish mackerel, to pencils, sluggo’s and buck tail’s for stripers in the north east. This is also a great rod for fishing back waters along the shore of Long Island and Connecticut.