Excalibur TT Blank 14’ 8”' Line Rating up to 80 #

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Excalibur TT 14’8″ - unlimited

The Excalibur TT is a significant step forward in rod dynamics and incorporates exclusive technology – both in the tip and butt section. Century’s well established autoclave technology and AT-T (anti twist technology) is complemented by a new resin technology primarily in the tip section. The outcome and benefit is a significant reduction in the tip weight, greater toughness and a very fast tip recovery to neutral after the casting cycle. We have perfected this new approach in consultation with Danny Moeskops – a leading caster and angler. The Excalibur TT has been used by Danny to win numerous casting tournaments and he uses the same fundamental design in his tournament rods with some cosmetic differences – as the model available to all anglers. The TT was used by Alessio Massa and Danny Moeskops to take 1st and 2nd place respectively in World Casting Championships, Greece 2012.

A key factor in rod design needs to address the issue of the mass in the tip. If this can be reduced but still retain integrity and sensitivity – the benefits to an angler are very obvious. Reduce the weight of the tip by 25% over comparable rods and you are effectively casting up to 2 to 3 ounces less or conversely able to cast a heavier weight when tactically required, with less physical effort. The rod’s moment of inertia is reduced. For longer range casting it is important to store and release maximum energy and ultimately this has to come from lower down in the rod. If this area can be accessed efficiently by an angler then distance will follow, given a good casting technique and the design of the Excalibur TT will deliver this benefit admirably.


“This is the baddest tournament casting/fishing rod in the world! The first time I threw the rod was with an Akios 666 Tourno Reel loaded with  260 yards of 65-pound braided line. The first two casts I held back and still got a majority of the line off the reel, but when I really leaned into it with an 8-ounce bank sinker, I dumped every bit of the line off. Amazing.”

- Advanced Fishing USA Pro Staffer Ryan White