Carbon Metal CM 13' 6 - 4-10 oz

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4.00 (in)

CM Standard 13′ 6″ – 4-10oz

The Century CM (Carbon Metal) is the original rod out of the Carbon Metal Series, also known as the CM Standard, this rod picks up medium to heavy-weight baits, casts them great distances and is applicable to all casting styles.


The tip on the Carbon Metal is very crisp and recovers instantly, this rod has great bite detection with enough backbone to handle the big boys.


the action of this Carbon Metal is oriented towards a J-curve when under compression. This is a very powerful rod that is liked in many circles for throwing big chunks of bait and heavy weights for sharks and other large-prey species of fish. (ryan white)


“I’ve fished this rod many times in the past using a mag-break Albacore Series Pro-Gear reel, loaded with 80-pound braid for sharks and drum. The rod is long enough  to use a 5’ long steel leader, without having to worry about knocking your tip guide out with your swivel.”

- Advanced Fishing Pro Staffer Ryan White