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Carbon Metal C3 13' LINE RATING up to 80#

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CCC LD 13′ – 4-7oz

Carbon metal CCCLD is a great rod for an avid fisherman, with  6-7ounces and bait. Makes a great eight and bait "old man" fishing rod for your father or grandfather. Ryan White’s (link) says, “ My favorite application for this od is a 150- gm. Grip wire sinker (sputnik sinker), with either a double-dropbottom rig or a short leader fish finder. The rod has a nice moderate taper and easy-loading bottom end for great fish-fighting ability and easy casting.

We have also made a few special models at 12 feet from the Advanced Fishing Custom shop. These have been modified and cut down to 12 feet for throwing 5-9 oz. jigs and swim-shad a long distance on the banks and piers of the Cape Cod Canal.

Dubbed by Advanced Fishign USA prostaffer chef Chris Blouin, (link to page) the “Cape Cod Canal Long Distance Special CCCLD.”