Carbon Metal BB 15' up to 6 oz


CM BB – 15′ – up to 6oz

BB signifies “Black Bird” as Danny Moescops (link to UK page) asked if we could name it after the legendary Lockheed S71 Stealth reconnaissance aircraft! The Carbon Metal BB is a well thought out progression of an existing principal used by Continental anglers: longer rods for lighter line fishing to cast big distances “at a stroke”.


The BB reduces the need to develop advanced casting styles and can help deliver considerable extra distance without changing from the most common overhead casting styles. It is thus easier to upgrade from rods where the angler has already developed certain skills and just wants get down to the serious business of fishing. We have worked extensively on the design of BB and in the process achieved a World Record cast of 229m using fixed spool reel – however Century does not recommend this rod for exclusive grass court – tournament work.

This is a great rod for medium weights at long distances. The BB is very popular with spinning reels (fixed spool). The BB has proven to be an exceptional rod rod for long-distance fishing for pompano, whiting, bluefish, drum and striped bass on open beaches - from New Jersey to Florida.

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