Team Advanced Fishing-USA Takes the Win!

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Team Advanced Fishing-USA took the lead as #1 in the annual Cape Hatteras Angler's Club tournament this past week! For those who don't know, the CHAC tournament is the largest surf fishing tournament in the wold featuring over 100 teams of 6. This past tournament consisted of 120 teams and takes place on the Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore located on Hatteras Island. The team is made up of Ryan White, Gale Johnson, Tony Cherico, Tom Manley, Travis Kemp, and Scott Miller. All of which are seasoned fishermen and of 6, 2 have been fishing on the team ever since it was established 4 years ago. Gale and Ryan have been fishing tournaments for more years than they care to remember. Each year, they have creep-ed closer and closer. Each year, adding more sternness to Gale Johnson's face. This year, Gales frown was turned upside down with a 3ft Cape Hatteras Lighthouse statue in his lap and a wooden plaque in his hand. The guys reported fishing with secret weapons, double threat bottom rigs, long distance tournament rigs, and Hatteras Jack's bait bugs. All which were reported to do well in the surf and catching fish. The yellow and red and white and red float colors seem to do best with a bare hook on the bottom. All rigs are hand tied and custom painted at Hatteras Jack. We use the finest fluorocarbon and Owner hooks on the rigs. Our bait bugs are soft and reusable and the bait bugs are modular meaning parts can be replaced i.e. skirts, hooks, and leaders unlike traditional bait bugs which are used once and thrown away. For special orders or questions call 252-987-2428 or email us at